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zig = real estate agent scumZig=male to men's disease vectorSo that is why he won't result in SF. zig continues to be playing this role for most yearsI have to admit that your realtor in flyover country would produce a th of precisely what he makes. A commission over a $, house is a lot less thanon a fabulous million dollar a particular. I sold houses a year ago Do the mathupper strata, great! You mean you are richer than Line? Busted! Advice regarding new HoFo followers. Advice for unique HoFo readers. < MinnesotaRealtor > Heed the advice with the following posters. They may be known experts, out to benefit people and support those seeking to get into the housing marketplace. MnMnM CableGuy Tbone Listen_to_meh LAisFine MinnesotaRealtor EricAZ Nojive Mrgoodbar Zig superbone OnYourSide Formerwinner In reaction to Student Films tyraid I'm sorry, but in what way will it really hurt you? Not just a student. Not on the market. But I have seen plenty of anti-student film content on CL before few days. These posts usually are not only in at this point, but even inside the actual talent part of CL. What can it bother you? Can it take a. next apiece to read the headline and additionally bypass it? Sure, I understand this irony of protesting and complaining about posts who complain about articles or blog posts. You should fully understand though that its likely that students lack a huge swimming of resources (shock! ) for instance other students since their fellow young people ARE BUSY DOING THE IDENTICAL PROJECT. On per day where I need exhausted my position searching options and also I spend daily at home watching the Dr. Phil, I would like to work a movie set at no cost, for food and for credit. (That's any SAG qualification item I assume) So lighten.

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Some reasons why Jeff so mad? His anger is simply not consistent with someone who is produced by and has a new loving family family group. What went completely wrong with Jeff? I thought successful citizens were happy. Why isn't Rob happy if he can be so successful. In cases where Jeff is sad, angry and productive; what are the implications of becoming successful when the real measure of life is one's joy? These things I don't understand. Jeff, I don't understand. Mitt, I understand because she's rich, and That i watched the Holiday season Carol, so I do know all about the ones types, they contain a tiny heart. But Jeff is really so young, not affluent, and should maintain the full way of measuring joy and enjoyment, yet there is almost the entire package rancor... why? As a result voting republican produces me angry? Absolutely yes, and remember... Average Republican Credit ranking: Average Democratic Credit ranking: Average Republican Wages: $, Average Democratic Wages: $, Republican Devout Less school Considers in Creationism Capitalistic Frightened Bellicose Militaristic Apocalyptic Out of the way Old Racist Grumpy Rural White Democrat Research Educated Believes within Evolution Socialistic School Intellectual Diplomatic Serenity seeking Young Enthusiastic Positive attitude Metropolitan Minority.

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Film poll? Okay, so this can be a thinly-veiled attempt to choose y'alls brains (mmmm, zombie, possibly? ) on fine movies... . What's your preferred genre of picture? . Are you an associate of Netflix, or have you been a hard-core, go-to-the-local-video-store-and-support-local living design kitchen living design kitchen -business kinda person? . What are the absolute best three movies you've rented prior to now year? . What's a worst movie you seen recently? . Wha who started ghost hunting who started ghost hunting t movie character have you been, deep down? my personal answers: . Horror . Each, kinda. I really like my local video clip store, but don't like the late prem naturally preferred baby food naturally preferred baby food iums. I really like with the ability to take movies when camping when I travelling, but I come to feel guilty. I may in fact try Redbox but may have to wear a disguise. . Food, Inc., Area (it shoulda acquired!!! ), Devil's Miner (surprisingly, not really horror, and pertaining to miners) . Mary Shelleys - I watched it last night and DANG! I couldn't overcome watching Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth! exactly what were you believing?! ) / bare-skinned throughout, and the particular music deafened all of us. I couldn't make your mind up if it were opting for camp, which is great, or merely misguided. I wound up believing misguided. . Probably the young woman from Welcome to your Dollhouse. I'll have fun with . What's your popular genre of video? Not sure. Muppets? Possibly comedy, scifi, horror, or fantasy. I only for instance dramas if they're great. . Are you an associate of Netflix, or have you been a hard-core, go-to-the-local-video-store-and-support-local-business kinda person? Netflix. The only real movie place is actually a blockbuster video and it is not that close. Plus, it's killer expensive when compared with netflix and these are assholes. I accustomed to like le video recording in sf however. . What are the absolute best three movies you've rented prior to now year? Easy Your (laughed so hard), Mirrormask building gym home building gym home , as well as wristcutters, a like story . What's a worst movie you seen recently? whenever in rome . What movie character have you been, deep down? : ).

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Who on this forum feel that they may be financially secure commencing retirement. is $ enough in? You actually retiring soon? maybeis a good deal if managed @ % is now over, per year. You will live on the fact that.... If you bought a building in like MnMnM, you will not have to work that will retire in comfort along with everybody else which bought.

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It's often code for... ... "How is actually communication handled? " May be the communication free-flowing and informal, and do people willingly and spontanesouly offer information to each other and cooperate? Or are things played pretty close to the chest, with really strict protocols and procedures, maybe actually Turf Wars that close down talking? Would you feel comfortable telling a co-worker about the project you're working on if you moved around into him/her within the coffee room? Would that person want to consider hearing about them? Try mentally substituting the words "communication" and "cooperation" rather than "culture" when that you are asked this challenge, and see what type of answer it inspires.... I don't understand the relevance from the question What might they conclude out of your answer? If it's unlike their customs, will they assume that you like the current community and won't similar to theirs? Maybe it's unlike their culture and also you hate it, and that's why your looking for another job. In the end, you never really understand what a company's culture is until you start working right now there, and then you're devoted to stay for a least a while. A better question will be "what kind of culture are you looking for? " Then in case your answer doesn't coordinate their culture, they know you're not a fit. Maybe they're alluding to that particular and hope that you'll reveal it inside your answer. Then while you describe it they might wwwwwwwwwww"do you like that? " Maybe you can turn it around on them and wwwwwwwwwww"are you asking what type of culture I'm interested in? " How often have you essentially been asked the? I think this means the Diversity from the Company. Tempo of the job Employees Attitude together with Handling of Assignments Training and Education in the present Company Style associated baker outlet shoes baker outlet shoes with Management Always point out the positive things about YOU when talking about the current culture. Polls show Cain as well as Romney are nearly tied but less bad as Romney's objectives suck He believes that that Jesus Christ is certainly Satan's brother. He or she believes that God lives near the planet ed "Kolob. " He believes in baptizing dead people today. He believes that Jesus is married to some goddess wife. He believes how the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. He believes it was impossible for Negroes to visit Heaven before. He or she believes that Jesus has ren through his wife or even wives. He believes that he will become a lord. He believes he'll own his own personal planet after he or she dies. He believes the actual Christian God isn't eternal but rather that he was once a man on some various other planet besides Planet! He believes he must wear magical underwear developed by Mormons and he is never to take it off unless he can be bathing. He believes it's a sin to drink anything containing high levels of caffeine. And that even includes True United states drinks like Coca-Cola! He believes ren between your ages of - should wear title badges, ride bikes and always smile. He believes Joseph Smith was your prophet. Smith had been a known con man, and couldn't even translate his stories another time when requested to. He thinks Native Americans are Israelis.

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There're hiring in N . Dakota. $ hr at McDs. Bring your longjohns while using the flap in the trunk. I can let you know EVERY toilet saddle in ND is actually ice frigg'n cool! Doesn't McDonalds now require at the very least a masters diploma for getting hired? A doctorate within hamburger flipology? Adept, true the fat boom in ND has generated jobs,. ... but recognize the housing is extremely limited. If you've got a camper/winnebago (with heat) it is a great place to help with making some $$$. It's cold which means be prepared for anyone who is going there. A lot of the housing for the particular Oil workers is at dorms and will have pretty dirty. Perhaps that's a small to medium sized sacrifice verses no paycheck by any means. I'm still hoping for top level here in PA because I don't believe I could stand a coldr section. We had in of snow about Sat and I can not stand the cool temps already. Considering consider going towards ND, it's provides cold, long winters along with the high is around in August. It is something that the Federal government does not want all of those other country to are familiar with. It's a slap when confronted with the government. Oil is constructing jobs and eachof his wind along with solar projects 're going bust. Food Stamp Help I am inside AZ and I'm supposed to acquire money deposited in my fo bass fishing fly fly bass fishing fly fly od stamp card today nevertheless it really isnt there yet still.. Anyone know what exactly time it can get deposited? There should become a number that you could. Look on the paperwork and you must be able to find the tips line. I attempted And it only gives the date..: -( Hence my confusionI are not aware of, then. If they just provide the date, then I would assume that that they had transfer sometime in the course of banking hours yorkshire weather reports yorkshire weather reports , but I be aware that doesn't help you will much. thanks with regard to trying though!

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Generally if i own a liquor store should I arm myself using a shotgun or some other sort of firearm? just go for a drop box harmless nothing is worth risking your life overGet a trap door thatcan just drop intoKeep 14 in the shop. Blacks are fearful ofI don't just want to scare away my own best customers. Boyfriend, I'll confess to presenting a racist pet dog once. It was initially an Australian Shepherd, and for reasons uknown, she would bark at black people. It was embarassing.

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kingmonkey is his or her own biggest detractor Looks like he forgot to be grey or at least had a fraudien trip here. Probably probably he isinsulting himself through grey then blaming my family. hilarious: kingmoney is too much of a liar, that bothers me < KingMoney_NYC > he infests this forum together with his outrageous lies. Or even you forgot to log away from KM_nyc And log back as silvertooftoof is certainly too dumb being me. why are you currently all putting that son through this initiation regarding fire? what is without a doubt he being opened up???? Nothing. Why an individual me out, this individual posts all varieties of outrageous bullshit related to me. the outrageous bullshit is everything you post faggotI don't understand this why men involving means attack the other person didn't mean for your requirements out specifiy, remorseful about thatKM up and running it and That i ended it. You didn't end anything more. You're still that worst dad at this point, and obviously a liar as you haven't posted whatever proof. Game above bitch. I very own you.

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